The primary focus of this website is hiking and my interests in biology, geography/geology, maps and so on. It is a hobby website and will always be a "work in progress".

Cornus florida

Depicted above is a blossom of the Flowering Dogwood. It is one of several species that are symbolic of the Carolinian zone in southern Ontario ["What is a Carolinian Forest?" from Carolinian Canada] where I was born, raised and have lived for 72 years.

Is the legend of this dogwood true or false regarding Christ's crucifixion? Not likely. You may wish to read about the "Is the legend of the dogwood tree true or false regarding Christ's crucifixion?" legend at the Creation Tips website.



Some people like to walk short distances, slowly. Others prefer long walks at a fast pace. The spectrum of hiking is broad like most human group activities. For safety reasons it is recommended that you not hike alone. Most of my hiking experience is with groups of 8 to 30 people. However, group hiking does not always lend itself to activities like bird watching and nature photography. If group hiking is your preference, finding the type of group you enjoy often depends on the style of the hike leader. Today most hiking organizations tend to have certified hike leaders. I took my hike leader training through the Toronto Bruce Trail Club a several years ago.



The world would not be a very pleasant place to live if all volunteers quit. While working, and in retirement, I have had the fortune to experience a number and variety of volunteer tasks. Part of the satisfaction I receive from the volunteer opportunities is that my wife and I are often a team in such undertakings. Before I retired I joined a few group hikes and then enrolled in the hike leader training course to become a certified hike leader.