GPS Backgrounder

CompassA few years ago Santa Claus brought me a Garmin GPSmap 60C receiver and since then it was upgraded to a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx. Of course that unit is no longer manufactured and is bordering on obsolete. However, it does the jobs I ask of it.

My interest in map and compass dates back to my days as an officer in the Canadian militia. Now most of my usage of the GPS is related to hiking trails in Ontario and the U. K. So far I'm not into the rather popular geocaching and likely won't be.

Garmin GPSmap CSxAs a member of a few hiking organizations and being a certified hike leader, I have applied my GPS and self taught graphics work to assist with the production of trail maps like the Grand Valley Trails Association Guidebook.

In 2011-2012 Jan and I walked and GPS'd the Avon Trail (Ontario). Robbie (our son), while completing his PhD at the U.B.C. School of Forestry, volunteered to transfer the Avon Trail track onto appropriate maps. The end result is the new Avon Trail Guide.

Sometimes I convert my GPS tracks to files that may be viewed in free, online resources like Google Earth and Google Maps. It allows me to see where I walked (e.g. across Scotland). Also, I can perform a screen capture resulting in an image of that track and use it in a PowerPoint presentation. View an example >> Seven-hike series of the Walter Bean Trail.

Suggested Hikes & Scheduled Group Hikes

The Hikes section of this website provides a few hikes I have led or in which I have participated. With this information you may wish to plan a hike(s) with family or friends. And, don't hike alone.

Also available is a list of my Group Hikes. These are hikes that may be posted on other websites such as the Grand Valley Trails Association.

Do You Need GPS Technology to Hike?

No, not usually. For me using a GPS receiver is fun and a hobby. You do not have to spend money on expensive equipment to enjoy walking in the outdoors as part of your healthy lifestyle. Quite a few trails are well marked and in some cases paper maps are available. Initially try educating yourself about hiking by attending a group hike. Hiking organizations benefit if you support them by joining and volunteering.


How to Enter Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
in a Garmin Nüvi GPS Receiver

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