Kitchener Loop Walk 02 (8 or 12 km)

This urban walk is on a combination of community trails and a few sidewalks on the west side of Kitchener (Forest Heights/Monarch Woods). The shape of the walk is like a figure eight (8) so in actual fact the loop is really two overlapping loops. Because of the overlap participants have the option of dropping out after the first loop near where the cars are located.

The walk tends to follow natural drainage areas (Henry Sturm Creek, Detweiler Creek and Sandrock Creek). The waters from these three creeks join Schneider Creek just before Victoria Park before flowing through German Mills, Doon Heritage Crossroads, Upper Doon and Lower Doon where Schneider Creek forms a confluence with the Grand River within view of the Pioneer Tower.

Extra Information

Henry Sturm (as in creek) - Who was he? | The Henry Sturm Community Festival


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