Entering Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
in Garmin Nüvi GPS Receivers

Using a latitude and longitude (coordinates) instead of an "Address" may be usful to hikers who are driving to a rural meeting place and using an in-car GPS receiver. For example, a trail may cross a rural road that has no specific city-type address. If the latitude and longitude are not provided, one may be able to determine the latitude and longitude using a resource such as Google Maps or Google Earth.

STEP 1: Select "Where to?"

Nuvi Screen 01

STEP 2: Screen content may vary depending on settings.
If "Coordinates" does not appear on screen, select the down arrow (lower right).

Nuvi Screen 2

STEP 3: Select "Coordinates".

Nuvi Screen 3

STEP 4: Select the format you need. In this example, decimal-degrees has been selected.

Nuvi Screen 4

Note: If you acquire the coordinates (latitude and longitude) of a destination from sources such as Google Earth, one may alter settings in Google Earth to provide coordinates in the degree, degree/minute and degree/minute/second formats.

STEP 5: Enter Coordinates and select "Next".

Nuvi Screen 5