Wild Turkey Tracks

Pictures - Wild "Turkeys"

"Turkeys" on Snowshoe or Hike Outings

Each winter there are usually a number of events offered by local hike leaders. One I try to do is the loop that starts at F.W.R. Dickson Conservation Area. We snowshoe or walk over to Bannister Lake and back and most winter days that tends to clear the cobwebs.

We do tend to see quite a few wild turkeys when out hiking or snowshoeing ... a real success story.

Read about the wild turkey history at the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Yes, I altered the signs a tad.

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Picture below from 2016 Janaury 28 Wild Turkeys


Picture below from 2015 Janaury 08 [Missing wild turkey = Anne]Wild Turkeys

Picture below from 2012 Janaury 20

Wild Turkeys

Picture below from 2011 January 19

Wild Turkeys

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