"Queen Milli" Loop

Enjoy an urban walk in Galt, Ontario (Cambridge, Ontario). Follow the GPS track shown below or make it shorter or longer. Plan for a lunch stop. Check out the Queen Milli monument and story in lovely Mt View Cemetery. Was Millicent Milroy, daughter of James and Helen Jane Milroy, the wife of Edward (VIII), Duke of Windsor?


A big thanks to a couple of fellow hikers for taking me on this particular loop walk in the Galt part of Cambridge. I had never been on parts of this loop. I really enjoyed the Dan Spring Way that is a short path along the Grand River below Galt Collegiate Institute. The Dan Spring Way is a portion of the Cambridge Living Levee Trail (PDF map). I also enjoyed the path upward from St. Andrews Street, across from Glebe Street (Google Street View), into St. Andrew's Park where one can see the Pioneer Pergola. This loop also includes the Cambridge Sculpture Garden and lots of other interesting Galt homes and laneways.

The Grand River Dan Spring Way, Cambridge Canada - YouTube


Parking is suggested at 43.358849, -80.326359. This is a small parking lot off Salisbury Ave and near the Victoria Park Tennis Club.

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Another loop walk in Galt is the "Devil of a Walk".

GPS Track of Walk


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