Homer Watson Park Plus


Special Message (Covid-19 Virus)

This loop walk was done by us (a couple) during the Covid-19 restrictions to avoid parking a car in a small trail head parking lot. It was not done by a group of people. We parked in a larger parking lot near MEC in Kitchener. The walk started and finished at that location. We started early in the morning. During the walk we met very few people and kept the "physical distance". After we finished we had the oportunity to pick up a few groceries at Food Basics and maybe a treat at Cob Bread and Bakery (43.418556, -80.452194).

Other Homer Watson - Doon Area Loop Hikes

In addition to the walk described on this web page, you may wish to examine some other walks in the same general area. You will find the details of these other walks at the links provided here.
> Homer Watson Loop, Kitchener (8 km)
> Homer Watson & Doon Area Loops, Kitchener (3.6 to 9.8 km).

What the Blazes

If you choose the walk on this web page, you may not be familiar with how some trails are marked (signed). In the diagram below, the white rectangles are called blazes. Some trails (e.g. Bruce Trail) are marked using such blazes (2" x 6"). The blazes are usually painted on trees, posts and so on. Become familiar with the meaning of each blaze type.


The 11 km Homer Watson Park Loop Map

MAP NOTES: The map above shows our route (track) as a red line (11 km). There are alternate routes (tracks): pink and blue.

PDF files related to this 11 kn walk

1) a two-page description of this 11 km walk
2) German Mills Plaque
3) Bechtel's Ford Plaque
4) Huron Road Bridge Plaque

Big Oak Surrounded by Hemlocks During a Spring Snow

Big Oak

A Bench for Bett

Bench Stump

Stump Bench Passes Test

Bench Stump

Gloves Discarded by Someone During Covid-19

Gloves & Bloodroot


Covid-19 Dreadlocks?

Grape Vine Dread Locks?


GPS Tracks for Download

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HomerWatsonParkPlus.gpx OR HomerWatsonParkPlus.kml