Limehouse Loop(s)



If you are looking for a short (4 km), and leisurely, loop walk, this could be a choice. Also, you may choose to extend the distance by adding the Credit Valley Conservation Trail (see orange line on map image below) to your walk.

Limestone Loop Map

Click map image (above) or here for the complete map (PDF).

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Parking Suggestions

To accomplish a loop walk at the Limehouse Conservation Area one may choose to park in one of three locations.

1) The small parking lot behind the Limehouse Memorial Hall where the 5th Line meets 22 Sideroad (coordinates 43.636790, -79.979717)
2) The school bus parking lot/drop-off area below Limehouse Public School on 22nd Sideroad at coordinates 43.638365, -79.979024. Check Google Maps Street View.
NOTE: Parking in this 2nd location is prohibited on a school day. If you park here on non-school days, walk along 22nd Sideroad across the narrow bridge over the railway tracks towards the Limehouse Memorial Hall. Just after you pass over the bridge veer left at the entrance to the trail (note Bruce Trail white blazes). Check Google Street View.
3) The parking lot inside the Limehouse Conservation Area entrance at coordinates 43.631987, -79.974093 off the 5th Line. Check Google Maps Street View.

The Village of Limehouse

Here are websites that provide information about Limehouse, Ontario and its history.
The Historic Village of Limehouse (PDF) by Jean Ruddell for the Esquesing Historical Society
The Limehouse Kiln Society - contact information
Limehouse, Ontario - Wikipedia

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The 4 km Limehouse Loop Map

If you do this walk on a non-school day (see parking requirements above), you start the walk from the parking lot at the Limehouse Elementary School. The loop as shown in the map below is about 4 km long. This GPS track may be downloaded below.


All Limehouse Trails Map

The map below shows the GPS tracks for most of the trails inside the Limehouse Conservation Area including the loop shown in the map above. All these GPS tracks may be downloaded below.


GPS Tracks for Download

HELP: If clicking on the links does not provide a download option, try RIGHT clicking the link (especially the .gpx file) and then choose "Save Links As" (or equivalent) from the drop-down menu. Pick a download location (e.g. desktop) for the file.

LimehouseLoop.gpx OR LimehouseLoop.kml
LimehouseAll.gpx OR LimehouseAll.kml