Petersburg Crown Lands

 4 to 6 km loop walk (or more)


The Petersburg Crown Lands are a popular hiking and cross-country skiing venue. Located south of Highway 7/8 on the east side of Queen Street, this forest is administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). The woodlot contains over 4 km of multi-use trail as well as additional informal trails. The MNR lands extend approximately halfway to Trussler Road from Queen Street. There is an informal trail that follows the Highway 7/8 road allowance terminating at the easterly off ramp of Highway 7/8 and Trussler Road. Like most crown lands and regional forests you visit them at your own risk and abide by the requirements. > SOURCE

Respecting the Land, Trails & Adjacent Landowners

The Petersburg Crown Lands represent the remaining lands that were expropriated in recent years when the new highway was built between Kitchener and New Hamburg. Note that lands situated to the south of the Crown Lands is private property. Please remain on the trails within the Petersburg Crown Lands.

Address/Parking Lot

2703 Queen St #2665, Wilmot, ON <> CC34+F8 Wilmot, Ontario > 43.40373694740061, -80.59422288232163
The parking lot is usually cleared in winter but may not be ploughed quickly after snow storms. View of parking lot.

Generalized Trail Map

A more functional map & GPS tracks (.gpx & .kml) appear below.
Petersburg Crown Lands Map

Petersburg Crown Lands boundary lines.
Petersburg Crown Lands Property Lines

My Favourite Picture from Petersburg Crown Lands
This birch tree had a struggle in its early development. Struggles can have positive outcomes.
It got the sunlight it needed to survive.
A large print of this tree adorns our living room wall.
Petersburg Crown Lands Favourite Tree

Fall & Winter Pictures

A Spectacular View
Petersburg Crown Lands Trees

Hardwoods and Conifers - a typical southern Ontario woodlot
Petersburg Crown Lands Trees

"Holy" Tree
Petersburg Crown Lands Trees

Fall at Petersburg Crown Lands
Fall at Petersburg Crown Lands

Young American Beech
Young Beech tree

Remnants of a swimming pool at an old picnic grounds owned by Fred Knipfel "back in the day".
(1 of 2)
Old swimming pool

Remnants of a swimming pool at an old picnic grounds owned by Fred Knipfel "back in the day".
(2 of 2)
Old swimming pool

"Be Like A Tree"
Be Like a Tree

Be Like A Tree Sign
Be Like a Tree Sign

one ornament of several on the Be Like A Tree
a-PRIS-i-tee <> warmth of the sun; basking in the sun
Apricity and Other Rare Wintry Words
Apricity ornament

another Be Like A Tree ornament of several
Petrichor: "a sweet smell that is produced when rain falls on parched earth"
Petrichor: why does rain smell so good? (BBC)
Petrichor ornament

GPS Track of Walk in Google Map

If you walk the red coloured track only, in and out, the total distance is about 4 km. You can increase that distance a bit by adding the blue "Alternates". If you continue east to Alder Creek and then walk back you are adding another 1.5 km (approx.). NOTE: The Alder Creek location is worth checking but be aware it may be wet and/or muddy at certain times of the year.

GPS Tracks for Download

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PetersburgCrown.gpx <> PetersburgCrown.kml