a short loop walk with glacial potholes, caves and more

Rockwood Park

As described here this walk is about 5 km but could be more or less. The main portion of the walk is a loop (3 km) consisting of the Pothole Trail and the Cedar Ridge Trail. These trails circumvent the Eramosa River reservoir which is an enlarged portion of the river due to the historic Harris & Co. Rockwood Woolen Mill. The mill was erected near the confluence of Richardson Creek with the Eramosa River. The mill ruins and mill race should be observed but there may be restrictions because some parts of the ruins are or may be dangerous. I suggest you check GRCA Service Disruptions. An entrance fee applies. It is a great spot for a family outings. Rockwood, the park, is under the jurisdiction of the Grand River Conservation Authority. Before visiting it is best to thoroughly check the park website for entrance fees, when it is open and any other notices.

Geological History

Rockwood C. A. has a unique geological history that has left it with glacial bluffs, potholes and caves. The glacial bluffs were formed during the most recent ice age, which ended 11,000 to 16,000 years ago. There are 200+ potholes that vary in size and diameter. Some of them are along the Pothole Trail. They were created by hard debris like pebbles and boulders that were left by the Wisconsin glacier and caught in eddies in rapidly flowing melt water. Apparently the caves are a popular attraction and park authorities should be consulted for safety reasons . Also the caves are not accessible to the public between October 16 and March 31 to protect bats while they hibernate. See the Rockwood Conservation Area website for more information.

Rockwood Conservation Area ...

Map and Brochure

Brochure and park map (PDF) or visit Rockwood Conservation Area

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