Walter Bean Grand River Trail


Before using any information on this web page it is recommended that you read the former Walter Bean History web page first.


In retirement I was involved with some hiking trails (footpaths) in southern Ontario. I became a certified hike leader by taking the Bruce Trail Conservancy certification course and apprenticeship. I teamed up with other avid hikers, including my wife, and led group hikes including end-to-ends of the Bruce Trail, the Avon Trail and the Grand Valley Trail. My wife and I are lifetime members of the local Avon Trail and the Grand Valley Trails Association.

During the early stages of the development of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail, I was indirectly and unofficially involved. This happened due to our hiking experience in Waterloo Region and our involvement with trail building/mainteance especially the Grand Valley Trail. We, and teams of volunteers, created the first map guidebooks for the Avon Trail and the Grand Valley Trail that provided coloured, paper maps using GIS technology. Since then trail apps are replacing such guidebooks.

Some, not all, of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail was created on top of the existing Grand Valley Trail footpath or near it. Over the years some of the WBGRT continues to be on top of the old GVT but is no longer a narrow footpath. Having a wider trail path with crushed stonedust or asphalt provides a trail that can be used by more people.

Current and official information for the WBGRT
Now the development and maintenance of the WBGRT is the responsibility of municipalties through which it passes. That seems to include the Township of North Dumfries, the City of Cambridge, the City of Kitchener, the City of Waterloo and the TTownship of Woolwich. You may wish to search for WBGRT information on the aforementioned municipality websites for official WBGRT information. For example some existing sections of the WBGRT are sometimes closed for periods of time for maintenance. Some portions of the WBGRT do not appear to exist yet. This may be evident when a finished section, with periodic directional signage, seems to end with no further directional signage. Some sections may not exist yet because the ideal route requires a private land owner's persmission or some other reason.


Trail Information/Temporary Closures

Be aware that portions of the WBGRT are periodically closed by the cities and townships for maintenance or other changes. Here is an example: Walter Bean Grand River Trail update. [Wording of that notice: "Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. A section of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail along Bingeman Centre Drive and Riverbend Drive is closed for repairs until further notice. Trail access will not be available from the following access points: Bingemans property, Economical Insurance trailway, KW Humane Society trailway, Between 202 to 226 Riverbend Drive.]

Typical Directional Sign

Typical WBGRT Directionl Sign


Other Trail Directional Symbols

In a few spots along the WBGRT the directional symbols may appear as shown below.
Such "blazes" are standard on other local  trails and Bruce Trail Conservancy trails.
Blazes like these may be more common on the WBGRT in the Woolwich Township.

Typical WBGRT Directionl Sign


UNOFFICIAL Map of Walter Bean Grand River Trail (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)


UNOFFICIAL ... GPS Tracks for Download

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