Master Index to Hikes

County Clare (The Burren), Ireland
Walking Across Scotland, 2006
Two Amulrees & The Highland Clearances
Walks in West Wales
The Cotswolds, England, 2012
Hadrian's Wall, England, 2010 - yet to be posted

Highland Hills to Boardwalk Loop - a 7.5 km Kitchener loop following Henry Sturm Creek to Ira Needles Blvd & back NEW
Waterloo Loop from near Market - a 6.5 km loop in north west Waterloo/Woolwich Township NEW
Transit Hub Trail, Kitchener - connects Iron Horse Trail to Transit Hub at King & Victoria Streets updated
Kitchener Loop 03 - a 7.0 km in Laurentian Hills area of Kitchener
"Queen Milli" Loop - a 7.3 km walk in Galt, Ontario
Waterloo Park Loop Walks - 5.3 km, 3.5 km or your own; have a look
A Loop Walk from Victoria Park, Kitchener - this 4 km loop has some indigenous history
Victoria Park to Boardwalk, Kitchener - 6 or 12 km on community trails
Petersburg Crown Lands - 4 to 6 km of trails with a bit of history
Rockwood - short walk near Guelph along Eramosa River with potholes
Iron Horse Trail - a 5.5 km, urban, paved, multi-use rail trail in Kitchener-Waterloo
Victoria Park Transit Hub Loop - about 5 km that starts & finishes in Victoria Park, Kitchener
Bechtel Park Loop - a short walk in north east Waterloo, Ontario
Dearborn Plaza to Bechtel Park & Back - a longer walk in north east Waterloo, Ontario
Forwell Laurel Creeks Loops - an easy walk starting & finishing at Dearborn Plaza with an easy drop-out point
Walter Bean Grand River Trail - with added start in Galt plus added finish to St. Jacobs Market
Homer Watson Park Plus - a walk during Covid-19 restrictions
Katannilik Territorial Park, Nunavut - a walk in the Soper Heritage River valley on part of the Itijjagiaq Trail, Baffin Island
Linear Trail, Cambridge, ON - a pleasant, short walk along the Speed & Grand Rivers
Powerline Road North Loop - walk 10 or 6 km on parts of the Grand Valley Trail to Paris, Ontario
Powerline Road South Loop - walk 14 km on parts of the Grand Valley Trail North of Brantford, Ontario
Devil's Creek Loop - an 8 km loop in Cambridge (Galt), Ontario
Airport Walks - choose your distance & walk to Waterloo Region Airport for lunch & then walk back
Health Valley Trail - a 5 km trail in St. Jacobs, Ontario (includes dog park information)
Mill Race Trail - a 2 km in St. Jacobs, Ontario (includes Mennonite low bridge information)
North Waterloo Woolwich Loop - a 9 km loop on part of the Avon Trail & Trans Canada Trail
GeoTime Trail - a short loop on part of the Waterloo Moraine
Newfoundland 2017 - easy walks on the East Coast Trail while at the Brown Rabbit Cabins
Stratford, Ontario Loop Walks - choose one of two 5-km loops or do both (10 km)
Drynan Regional Forest - a 4+ km walk not to be confused with the Dryden Tract
Loop & Soup Walk, Waterloo - 13 km using Laurel Creek Trail & other Waterloo City trails
Huron Natural Area, Kitchener - choose 5 km or 8 km loop or make your own
New Aberdeen 1856 - this is a bit of history adjaacent to Huron Natural Area
Homer Watson & Doon Area Loops, Kitchener - choose 3.6, 5.1, 6.5, 7.6, 9.2, 9.8 km loops
Homer Watson Loop, Kitchener - an 8 km loop with description
Spur Line-Ironhorse Loop, Kitchener-Waterloo - a 9 km urban walk with description
Limehouse Loop (s) - 4 km & the Hole-in-the-Wall
Niagara Glen/Gorge Loop (7 km) + Niagara River Recreation Trail from The Glen to Fort George (~18 km) - research well before trying the Glen Gorge Loop
Petersburg Regional Forest - about a 4 or 5 km loop with other options
Galt to St. Jacobs Farmers' Market via Walter Bean Trail - a series of 7 hikes, each one about 10 km
Jesuit Centre-Guelph Dam - a wonderful 10 or 12 km loop, plan to have lunch at the dam
Kitchener Loop Walk 01 - an 11 km walk on the east side of the city
Kitchener Loop Walk 02 - 8 or 12 km walk in the Forest Heights/Filsinger Park/Monarch Woods area
Lake Belwood Loop - 18 km on parts of the Grand Valley & the Elora Cataract Trails
Woolwich Reservoir / Lions Lake Trail - an easy 7 km loop in Floradale near Bonnie Lou's Café
F.W.R. Dickson Conservation Area - about 6 km over to Wrigley's and Bannister Lakes & back
Mount Nemo Loop(s) - about a 6 km, lovely, easy loop on part of the Niagara Escarpoment & Bruce Trail
Crawford Lake-Rattlesnake Point - a variety of easy to harder & short to longer walks plus the Milton Outlier.
Elora-Fergus Loop Hikes - about three routes in and between the two scenic towns
Elora Gorge Loop - coming soon. Check the Elora Gorge C.A. website for updates before attending
Toronto High Park & Waterfront Walk 19 km - travelling to Toronto & back from Kitchener via weekday GO train
Wildwood Lake, St. Marys - yet to be posted; link to PDF map

Two Amulrees & The Highland Clearances
New Aberdeen 1856 - George Davidson's village that didn't catch on in 1856 (PDF map)
Strange Street Indigenous Settlement, near Berlin ON - a walk through time