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Another Covid-19 Activity.
Friday June 19, 2020, on one of our early morning walks, we stopped along the Laurel Trail as we approached the Silver Lake pedestrain bridge in Waterloo Park (43.465900, -80.530221.) We noticed a beautiful thistle plant that was exhibiting several gorgeous flowers and we wanted  pictures. As we did so, we noticed "Sally Snapper" in the process of laying her eggs very close to the thistle. She had been there for some time. She had dug the typical hole and periodically we would see body movement at the posterior end and a small white egg would drop into the hole. We watched for about 45 minutes and in that time she must have laid at least 15-20 eggs. Note: The pictures and movie (below) were taken using a cell phone.


Sally Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle


Movie of Sally Laying One of Numerous Eggs

As the movie was made there were city employees cutting grass nearby plus the LRT went past. Hence the background noise.
For a better view of the egg dropping, enlarge the video.


The picture below is a frame from the movie.
You can see part of one of the round white eggs dropping into the hole.

Sally Snapper Egg


We checked the nesting location next day - see picture below.
rare Charitable Research Reserve at Work

Turtle Nest Protection

Wording on Label Appears Below

Turtle Label


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