Pictures: Petersburg Tract


After a big snowfall this Regional Forest is a nice spot for about a 6 km snowshoe outing or longer. There is a parking lot at about 43.418679, -80.588787 and the address for the entrance from the highway is 1970 Snyder's Rd East (Highland Road), Wilmot/Kitchener. The parking lot is also called the Waterloo County Cycling Hydrocut Trails Pine's Entrance. Note that sometimes the road/lane into the parking lot and the parking lot itself may not be ploughed out right after an overnight snow event. This picture was taken near the end of the hike along the Kamikaze Trail. It is a segment of trail named by the Waterloo Cycling Club. In winter and on snowshoes it isn't as "Kamikaze" ... it is very picturesque.

>>> Check here for more information and a GPS track for the Petersburg Regional Forest.

Petersburg Tract


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