Pictures: "Pileated" Pine


The live white pine (Pinus strobus), in the picture below, is loacted on the orange-blazed multi-purpose loop trail at the Petersburg Regional Forest. We came upon these fresh holes in February 2015 while snowshoeing. It had been a record breaking cold winter and many wild animals were having a rough time surviving. A pileated woodpecker (largest woodpecker in North America) worked hard for some food in this case (ants and so on). Sometimes these excavated holes become nesting places for the woodpecker (or other animals) but in this case they were created a tad too early and are also too low I think. I remember arriving at our Bruce Peninsula cottage a few years ago and finding two similar holes in the siding of the cottage ... yikes!

Pileated Woodpecker ... heard but not seen?

In my experience quite a few hikers have never seen a pileated woodpecker yet they have unknowingly heard one. If you are not sure you have heard one or not, listen to this audeo recording. If you walk in wooded areas frequently, I bet you have heard the call of the pileated woodpecker.

Loud Speaker



Pileated: having a crest covering the pileum.
Pileum: the top of the head of a bird from the bill to the nape.
Google Images Resources: Pileated Woodpecker pictures | Pileated Woodpecker holes

White Pine with Pileated Woodpecker Holes


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YouTube video credit: Martyn Stewart (Filmed on a Nikon D4 with 600mm lens)

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