Pictures: In Small Doses


We Hiked the Bruce Trail In Small Doses

A few years ago a group of hikers (members of the Grand Valley Trails Association) expressed an interest in walking the whole Bruce Trail. Two certified (certifiable?) hike leaders in the group (Peter and Jamie) took on the task of setting up a series of hikes that would accomplish the end-to-end. Since quite a few people in the group were new to hiking, the primary request was to keep the walks to a shorter distance averaging about 15 km per hike and not 20+ km per hike. Most of the hikes were on a Saturday or Sunday and sometimes both Saturday and Sunday. Another decision made was to have the series stretch over about 2 to 3 years. We did not do the series sequentially. We became known as the "Small Doses" group.

Group at Northern Terminus Cairn of the Bruce Trail, Tobermoy
June 27, 2004
Small Doses group completes end-to-end of Bruce Trail


Nutty Mascots Complete the Trek, Too!
Displayed here, in the upper right of this picture, are Wally & Wilhelmina Walnut.
June 27, 2004
Wally & Wilhelmina Walnut

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