Pictures: Turk's-cap Lily


Unlike the common day lily and the tiger lily, the Turk's-cap Lily [Lilium superbum] isn't seen too often by most people since it tends to grow in meadows and wet ground near streams and rivers. The two pictures below were taken near Martin's Creek and the Conestogo River along the Health Valley Trail in Woolwich Township. They also appear in some spots along the Grand River. For example, I often see this lily along the damp edges of the Walter Bean Grand River Trail between Freeport Hospital (Kitchener) and the Pioneer Tower. This species of wild lily is hard to distriguish from its close relative called the Michigan Lily (Lilium michiganense). For those of you who are into details you may wish to read the information here. More information about Lilium superbum at: Wikipedia | Connecticut Wildflowers

Turk's-cap Lily


Turk's-cap Lily


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