Victoria Park to Boardwalk


This is a pleasant east to west walk on Kitchener community trails with few hills. Walking it one way (~6 km) would require cars parked at each end of the route. Regardless of whether you walk it one way or both ways, I suggest you start in Victoria Park at a time so you can have lunch at one of the eateries at the Boardwalk (off Ira Needles Blvd).

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The Boardwalk-to-Victoria Park route described on this web page tends to follow natural waterways. Older maps showed the route as being near Schneidier Creek all the way from the present-day Boardwalk area to Victoria Park. Today Schneidier Creek seems to begin at or near Victoria Park based on new names established by the Region of Waterloo. The water flowing from the Boardwalk area toward Victoria Park is in the Henry Sturm Creek (e.g. in Monarch Woods). Just before Victoria Park, Westmount Creek and Henry Sturm Creek form a confluence. The creek after that union is called Schneider Creek. From Victoria Park the water flows in Schneider Creek all the way down and through Upper Doon and Lower Doon before merging with the Grand River.

City Parks

If you are walking this route toward the Boardwalk (westward), the sequence of small neighbourhood parks is: 1) Victoria Park, 2) Filsinger Park West, 3) Filsinger Park, 4) Henry Sturm-Fenwick Greenway, 5) Monarch Woods (static image below), 6) Lynnvalley Park and 7) Resurrection Park.

Trails in Monarch Woods

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