Victoria Park Transit Hub Loop

This web page is related to the Spur Line Ironhorse Trail Loop hike web page as well as the Strange Street Aboriginal Settlement, near Berlin, Ontario web page.



Park near the pavilion in Victoria Park (43.44548885267218, -80.49910823043506). Follow the GPS track shown in the Google Map below. To start I suggest walking to the Iron Horse Trail (that is, follow the GPS track clockwise) and head north-west (toward Waterloo) to Gage Street.

Gage Ave to Park Street - Description

Cherry Park

A relatively new asphalt-paved side trail begins at approximately 43.447755, -80.513067 on the south side of Gage Ave on the Iron Horse Trail. At Gage Street leave the Iron Horse Trail and pass over a creek on a bridge (see bridge waypoint on map below and picture below).  Note: On some old maps this creek was named Schneider Creek but has been renamed Westmount Creek by the Region of Waterloo. You end up on the north side of the creek and enter Raddatz Park. Following this new path you arrive at Waverley Road and proceed north east (sidewalk or future bike lane), past St. John's Roman Catholic Church and across Strange Street using a newly constructed crossing. Being located at the Strange Street entrance to Cherry Park, you will notice a small parkette and shelter (flowers in season) as depicted in the image to the right. The trail passes through Cherry Park arriving at and crossing Park Street. You would be at about 43.450720, -80.505810 on the sidewalk near Swanson's Home Hardware Building Centre. Refer to the red line on the Google Map below.

Iron Horse & Transit Hub Trails Junction

Park Street to Transit Hub (Almost) - Description

Note that you will not end up at a Transit Hub for this loop walk. The Transit Hub does not exist yet.

As of 2021 January, this next trail segment has not been constructed. Here is what I believe will be the approximate route based on various on-line publications. The trail would proceed about 200 m southward from 43.450720, -80.505810 along the sidewalk, past Swanson's Home Hardware Building Centre and under the railroad overpass to about 43.449441, -80.504165. Then it would veer northeast (left) on the south side and near the CN freight spur for about 550 m to King Street and, eventually, across King Street to the Transit Hub. At this time (2021) there is no safe way to pass straight and over King Street to the future Transit Hub area. At about 43.453270, -80.500050 one has to descend (along a pipe railing) to the sidewalk on the south side of King Street (the U. of W. Pharmacy building side of King Street). At this point you are near the LRT Central Station. On the sidewalk proceed to and across Victoria Street (not King Street) at the traffic light. Follow the Victoria Street South (right) sidewalk to Halls Lane West and walk down Halls Lane West, crossing Francis St, Water St and, maybe, arriving at Gaukel St. Due to construction the segment of Halls Lane West between Water St and Gaukel St may be closed. If this is the case, follow the alternate route on the Google Map below. Using Gaukel St, go to and enter Victoria Park and proceed to your car(s).

Please read the information immediately above. Below are pictures taken of the King Street railroad overpass. THE PATHWAY SHOWN IS CLOSED (BLOCKED OFF) AND MUST NOT BE USED. At about 43.453270, -80.500050 one has to descend the grassy slope, past the group of spruce trees and veer right along a pipe railing to the sidewalk on the south side of King Street (the U. of W. Pharmacy building side of King Street) and cross King Street at the Victoria Street traffic light (see blue track on Google Map below)

Static Map of Loop Route

Strange Street Settlement


GPS Tracks for Download

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