Waterloo Loop
from Farmers Market Road

The walk, as described here, is a 6.5 km (approx.) loop done in a counter clockwise direction. If you do the counter clockwise version, you may have a stop at about 4.3 km (Starbucks) for a bit of  nourishment and a pit-stop before walking the remaining 2.2 km. The other option is to walk from the Walmart parking lot out to Burning Bush Road, turn around and walk back the same way for an in-and-out distance of 5.0 km (2.5 + 2.5).


Parking Location

Use the Walmart car parking lot at 335 Farmers Market Rd, Waterloo. More specifically park at approximately 43.509551, -80.549641 near the Mennonite horse shed.

Mennonite Horse Shed

Description of the 6.5 km Loop Hike

NOTE: A print friendly PDF file of the list below is available for download here.

1. Walk from the Walmart parking lot past the Mennonite horse shed out to Farmers Market Road.
2. Left (west) along Farmers Market Road a short distance to railroad tracks.
3. Left (south) on asphalt Market Trail for ~185 m.
4. Right (west), leaving Market Trail, over tracks onto Benjamin Road Trail (asphalt).
5. Follow Benjamin Road Trail for ~380 m out to Benjamin Road sidewalk.
6. Left along Benjamin Road sidewalk for ~375 m to traffic lights at Weber Street.
7. Cross to the other side of Weber Street using traffic lights.
8. Left (south) along Weber Street sidewalk for ~98 m.
[You are passing from Woolwich Township to the City of Waterloo.]
9. Right (west) onto Benjamin Park Trail (Trans Canada Trail), a wide dirt/stone dust path.
[Note that this path parallels a shallow creek. Some maps label it as a branch of Forwell Creek. Water in it flows eastward towards Blue Spring Drive & the Forwell Trail. Water collecting in Forwell Creek flows into Laurel Creek (a bit east of Dearborn Plaza) and the water in Laurel Creek flows into the Grand River in Bridgeport.]
10. Follow Benjamin Park Trail for ~1.3 km to Burning Bush Road.
11. Left (south) along Burning Bush Road & right (south) along Northlake Drive (~225 m total) to Northlake Woods Public School.
12. Left at house 478 Northlake Drive [43.496453, -80.566670] passing school on north side and follow path for ~300 m and continuing behind school and eastward into Lakeshore Park (past Lakeshore Community Garden) another 180 m to Sprucehurst Crescent.
13. Right (east) along Springhurst Crescent sidewalk for ~180 m and straight across Fern Road to Fern Crescent (looks like continuation of Springhurst Crescent).
14. Straight (east) up Fern Crescent ~200 m to & past house 227 Fern Crescent.
15. Right (east) between houses 227 & 229 Fern Crescent.
16. About 40 m veer left on narrower path into Lakeshore Optimist Park and proceed ~180 to Northlake Drive.
17. Cross Northfield Drive & follow Northfield Drive sidewalk ~90 m (passing Coghill Place) to Golden Eagle Road.
18. Left (east) along Golden Eagle Road sidewalk ~145 m to Weber Street North.
19. Left (north) along Weber Street North sidewalk a very short distance & right across Weber Street North to other side using designated crossing island at about 43.498876, -80.551486.
20. Right (south) along Weber Street North sidewalk for ~125 m toward Parkside Drive.
[Starbucks for snack & washrooms at 590 Weber St N, Waterloo. Note: The satellite image in Google Maps for Starbucks building was not updated at time this summary was prepared.]
21. Left (east) along Parkside Drive sidewalk (past Starbucks, see note above) for ~300 m.
22. Right (south) Parkside Drive sidewalk for ~ 200 m to Northfield Drive West. [That is, Parkside Drive curves 90o right.]
23. Left (east) along Northfield Drive West sidewalk for ~215 m past Fire Station 3 & across railroad tracks.
[Before continuing be sure to look south across Northfield Drive and locate the relatively new ION/LRT tracks and the ION/LRT Northfield Station.]
24. Left (north) on asphalt Market Trail for about 1.4 km to Farmers Market Road.
[NOTES: You will immediately bypass the Waterloo (Northfield) Train Station. It is the train associated with the Waterloo Central Railway. See train route map at https://waterloocentralrailway.com/train-rides/#route]
25. About 400 m (at 43.501146, -80.545752) north of Northfield Drive while on Market Trail note a staircase/ramp that can act as an alternative route westward & over to Weber Street North. At approximately 43.508010, -80.549910 note (on left) the Benjamin Road Trail and Storm Water Pond. It has a short trail around it.]
26. Right (east) on Farmers Market Road & back to car(s) at Walmart parking lot.

Signs Near Start at Farmers Market Road

Market Trail Sign

Market Trail Sign

Sign Near Benjamin Road at End of New, Short Trail

Benjamin Road Trail Sign

Storm Water Management Pond
as viewed from Benjamin Road Trail

Storm Water Management Pond

Storm Water Management Pond

There is a short, optional circular path around the Storm Water Management Pond.
It is shown as a blue line in the Google Map below.



GPS Tracks for Download

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