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FRONT (14" x 18")

Quilt Front


Quilt Back

The winter of 2020 brought changes my generation has never encountered. We were able to exercise by walking trails near our new home on William St E, Waterloo. My social contacts and groups were no longer meeting. Like many sewers I spent hours making masks in my sewing room. From my window, I have a fantastic view of George Street. There was much to keep me entertained during this sewing time. I was grateful for the sun on the steeple of St Louis’ Church, the beautiful old homes set up on the hill, the artistic flare of backyard buildings, the clucking of a hen from a neighbour’s chicken coop, the wandering neighbourhood cats, the voices of the children making their front yards their playground and the cycling families on Herbert Street. Between making masks I began working on this Little Village collage (14"x18"). The quilt grew from my stash; upholstery scraps, given to me by a friend, pieces of 100% cotton and polyester t-shirt material used in mask making. The backing fabric was made from every piece of material I used in the making of masks. The theme is the sights and sounds Jamie and I witnessed in our neighbourhood and from the Corona virus pandemic news. Can you find the many tributes made to our front-line workers, the messages of encouragement and congratulations and the heart felt love to Nova Scotia during their traumatic times? This George Scape Village grew through weeks of reflection and trying to make sense of a changing world.

“It’s good to have hope, isn’t it?” (John Schultz)

... Jan

most of Jan's quilts over the years


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